Eco-Friendly Pocket Water Spray Mini Mist Fan with Water Bottle Manufacturer China

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Custom Cute Mini Creative Spray Fan Hand Fan Without Motor For Summer

Product Name:Handheld Mini Water Spray Mist Fan

1.Material: ABS+blades

2.Size: 73*110*160mm

3.Color of fan: standard b Mini Handheld Water Spray Fan lue, green and OEM color is available

4.Mini Water Spray Mist Fan has enough space for OEM logo printing.

5.Partable water Spray Fan powered by hand

6.Mini water spray fan easy to take and use, you can put it into hangbag.

7.Put some ice into water for use in hot summer for suddenly cooling.

8.Use of water spray fan: retail, for cooling, outdoor or promotion use.

How To Use Mini Spray Fan:

1.Poke waterproof plug to inject the water (not more than 2/3)

2.Press the spray water key with hand, small water mist will spray through the

fan blades rolling. To have a result of suddenly cooling.


Please turn off fan, remove the water and ice when not in use.

Remove the battery for storage

This product not for children under 8 years old.

Do not close to eyes when using it.

Do not dispose batteries in fire becasue it may explode or leak to avoid unnecessary

person casualities.

Detail Picture of Water Spray Fan:


Contact me, if anything i can do.

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