Epidemic Prevention Tools

Epidemic Prevention Tools Antibacterial door handle touchless Door Openner for Personal Protective 2020

Epidemic Prevention Tools Antibacterial door handle touchless Door Openner

 In Stock Sanitary Tool Touchless Door-Open and Elevator Press Useful Virus Protection Sanitary Tools For Daily Life

Prevent secondary infection Can add disinfectant

Can be used for sliding doors, press elevator Multifunctional

Main use: cleaning and disinfection Product features: mild and no odor, low irritation, good sterilization effect

Sanitary Tool for Open Door and Push The Elevator Button Tools Avoid Contacting

* WIDELY USE : During special times, reduce your exposure to objects in public places to protect your health.You can use it to
push the elevator, open doors, open drawers, and everything in common.There is also disinfection.
* SIMPLE TO USE : Fast, convenient, You can clamp any handle you want. Far from hand touch.Close the lid after use and put it in
a bag or pocket.
* SAFE & SANITARY :Reduce the contact,Let you use less hand contact.

There is a sponge for repeat adding disinfectant.You can add
disinfectant if you want.
* CONVENIENT TO CARRY:Small size, easy to carry, you can put in a small bag or put in a pocket.


* Size: L-11.5cm W-2.5cm H-3cm
* Color:Pink / Blue
* Disinfectant can be added
* Easy to carry
* This essential aid is made using a combination of solid plastic and rubber to provide long-term strength and use 

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