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Fire-wolf DMX Control Sticks Witness the Birth of the Champions with you LOL 7th Anniversary Celebration Festival

  DMX Control Sticks Witness the Birth of the Champions with you 

LED stick Controll with industry standard DMX512 protocol lighting controller System,

allow you to generate 13 light colors and flashing modes in a variety of special effect patterns.

 DMX Control stick  make every member of the audience part of the lighting palette at your event.

dmx  sticks also can divided to several groups, you can choose control any of the groups or all LED stick.

Now you can engage your audience more deeply by making them part of the show.

by the way , Popular for Wedding ,Party ,Concert , Music /DJ , KTV ,BAR Club etc.

What it is LOL? 

League of Legends English name: leagueoflegendsl-o-l, abbreviation LOL. Created by Dota-allstars in-situ map author Steveguinsoo (DotA main developer, the Lamb knife in the DotA name) as the game creator,

Dota-allstars Community founder Pendragen joined the responsibility.

At the same time also has the Blizzard World of Warcraft game Planning, Warcraft 3 Master Planning,

Warcraft 3 numerical balance Tomcadwell as the main strategy.

As we all know ,LOL  Are popular in kids  and adults.

2018 League of Legends Seven anniversary Carnival was held from September 13 to September 16 in Nanjing Youth Sports Center Gymnasium.

As an exclusive annual party for tens of thousands of League of Legends players,

the 7 anniversary Carnival is the first to extend the duration of the ceremony to 4 days.

Let’s us to  see the Live Picture:

  7th Anniversary Ceremony EDG Success get the champions

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