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DMX Wireless Control LED Silicon Bracelet 15Color Remote Control LED Wristband Manufacturer China

DMX Wireless Control LED Silicon Bracelet 15Color Remote Control LED Wristband

We are manufacturer for all kinds of LED bracelets , such as :remote control led bracelets,sound activated LED wristbands,

nylon LED bracelets and etc.

on the other hand also we can printing your logo on it as a  promotion gift. Beautiful lights in the dark and make you attractive.

You can choose what you like or what you are pursuing.

by the way , Popular for Wedding ,Party ,Concert , Music /DJ , KTV ,BAR Club etc.

1.Remote control led bracelet is suitable for party,concert,wedding etc.

2. DMX Controlled led bracelet with 15 different colors change.

3.Remote control DMX led flashing bracelet can control through audio,computer or controller.

LED Bracelets Controll with industry standard DMX512 protocol lighting controller System,

allow you to generate 13 light colors and flashing modes in a variety of special effect patterns.

 DMX Control Bracelet  make every member of the audience part of the lighting palette at your event.

dmx  bracelets also can divided to several groups, you can choose control any of the groups or all LED bracelets.

Now you can engage your audience more deeply by making them part of the show.

Details of the DMX Control LED Bracelet

Material silicon band + ABS shell
Working frequency 433 MHz
Bracelet battery 2PC*CR1632 (Included, replaceable)
Function 16581375 LED colors ,group control, programmable
Certifications CE, RoHS, CPSIA, ASTM F963

Details of the LED DMX Control RF Transmitter

Transmitter Working distance DIA.1000 meters
One Transmitter Can control all the bracelets as long as they are within the working distance
Size 9.8cm(3.8″)*8.7cm(3.4″)*4cm(1.6″)
Power supply 6V/1A Adapter
Function Channel one for root number
Channel two for group control (up to 84 groups)
Channel three for brightness of red color
Channel four for brightness of green color
Channel five for brightness of blue color

Detail Picture of DMX Controlled Bracelet:

Contact me, if anything i can do.

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