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Do you know which LED Stick for Leehom Wang Descendants of the Dragon 2060 Concert ?

Do you know which LED Stick for Leehom Wang Descendants of the Dragon 2060 Concert ?

Recently, Leehom Wang “descendants of the Dragon 2060” Dongguan concert successfully concluding.

the concert brush blew the Dongguan friends Circle, Micro Bo has become a hot topic,

and the concert appeared on the Personality of the Dragon hand lamp responsible for the production of Fire wolf.

The hand lamp useing high-quality acrylic panel, environmental protection ABS material and energy-saving batteries.

Acrylic Panel can according to customer requirements to produce a single color, slow flash, flash,

steady three kinds of flashing lights mode.

Fire Wolf acrylic Hand lamp, can according to different customer requirements, images, colors .

Wang Dongguan concert scene Beautiful dazzling, both the stage scene of science fiction and romantic stage lighting,

virtual and real perfect combination, in the midst of such as dream-like, let people reluctant.

And the song that Leehom brought, is also let a lot of fans big feast, classic track “Heroes” and so on,

each single, have caused the scene million people chorus, the atmosphere to the climax.


The appearance of the Dragon hand lamp for the stage, is icing on the cake

By the way, Our LED Light stick  for fans to convey the friendship of the Idol.

for idol the warm heart moving  dancing hand lamp,

with Leehom sings the descendants of the dragon.

together the affectionate whisper needs the person to accompany, the hand lamp lets us the soul intersection,

does not have the national boundary the cent, does not have the star and the ordinary Only the intersection of thought,

the meeting of the soul.

If you miss Wang’s Dongguan concert, do not sigh, the next station, Nanjing, we and Wang together passion to the end!

Contact me, if anything i can do.




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