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Luhan 2018 “RE:X” Concert Tour Fire-wolf Antler Headband with your Together

Luhan 2018 “RE:X” Concert Tour Fire-wolf Antler Headband with your

Luhan, a popular singer, formally inaugurating in Korea in 2012 as a member of the EXO group,

winning tens of thousands of fans for his outstanding appearance and vocal prowess.

2014 withdrew from the Korean regiment exo back to the development, because of its super high gas,

perennial bully according to Weibo hot Topic list/popular list, become China’s top traffic star, and three times

to break the Guinness World Record.

For the first time, on August 5, 2014, Luhan receiving 13.16 million comments from the Manchester United fan Club’s microblog on September 10, 2012, Creating the title of the most comment  blog post for the first Time.

The second, September 25, 2015, The Guinness World Record officially announced the Luhan in 2012.

a microblog, receiving 100,252,605 comments as of September 2, refreshed his own record Created.

The third, March 26, 2016, Luhan and deer rice co-creating the record, deer Rice head wearing more than 1700 antlers lit to the specified time, the explosion was maintained by the British 351 People.

In 2018, Luhan 2018 “RE:X” concert in Beijing this month 6th shook Starting.

The field antlers shape headband is lit again, 50,000 people’s field is packing, Gold Super burning, the scene a golden Ocean.

The next day hot search list first, Weibo has been super screen! Once again to witness the top traffic Star’s appeal.

LED Flashing antler Headband has a built-in button electronics that shines with a single tap and lasts for more than 8 hours,

fully satisfying the concert Time. The material is light and wears 0 of the burden on the Head.

The use of antlers shape, wearing both cute and age-reducing.

If you miss the Beijing station, it’s okay, There are three more cities waiting for You.

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