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Party Equipment LED Flashing Bracelet with Size Adjustable Multizone Controlling LED Bracelet Control DMX

LED Flashing Bracelet with Size Adjustable Multizone Controlling LED Bracelet Control DMX

radio Controlled Led Bracelet Rgb Color, Light Up Wristband

This 2.4G remote controlled led bracelet you can program the flashing ways and reset it after receiving it.

This remote controlled led bracelet can also made like remote controlled, you can choose led color and flashing modes by yourself.

2.4G remote controlled led bracelet with 2pcs CR2032 batteries, convenient and easy to replace it.

remote controlled led bracelet has long control range, all bracelet within control range can  controlling it. 

LED  bracelet Controll with industry standard DMX512 protocol lighting controller System,

allow you to generate 13 light colors and flashing modes in a variety of special effect patterns.

 DMX Control bracelet  make every member of the audience part of the lighting palette at your event.

dmx  Bracelet  also can dividing into several groups, you can choose control any of the groups or all LED Bracelet.

Now you can engage your audience more deeply by making them part of the show.

by the way , Popular for Wedding ,Party ,Concert , Music /DJ , KTV ,BAR Club etc.

1.Remote control led bracelet is suitable for party,concert,wedding etc.

2.Remote control led bracelet with 15 different colors.

3.Remote control led flashing bracelet can be control by audio,computer or controller.


1.  Band 6hours battery life

2. Zones control
3. Adjustable size like watch bands.

4.2pcs CR2032 batteries are replaceble

Regular Flashing:

1)It flashes led color after turn it on.

2)It flashes in 3 ways: steady-slow-quick flashing.

3)Different led colors: Red, blue, yellow, green, white, or others

4. Remote Controlled Flashing:

1)It flashes by a remote controller.

2)It can be controlled from 700 meters away.

3)It is controlled what color to flash: red, blue, green, or pink.

4) It can control which section to flashes during a concert,celebration,etc.

    It can control different 8 zones, from A to H zones.

Detail Picture Of LED Bracelet:

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